27 Apr 2010


for the hardcopy to arrive in 2 weeks' time...

btw, changed the "e-book" setting, so now the preview is of the entire book! the link in the previous post is still valid, put it on "full screen" for clearer images n such~ :)


Yoli said...


alliot said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!
I'm going to order this for iza!

Karumen said...
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alliot said...

Thanks for your kindness!!!!
I think it's iza's honor to receive the first print from you! With an autograph please :)
I'm moved! It seems that you are working hard on the day and do still able to realize your dream after work!
You made me to work on my own blurb book again ... As a support to you, I've ordered one!

Fei An said...

Yes, me too, I will definitely order one for myself as well!!!

Congratulations, Carmen! It seems we really support each other, haha.