31 Jan 2009

CNY flew by too quickly....

ho choi...it's wkend again.... *relieved*

27 Jan 2009

my CNY fei fut!

if only we hv thurs n fri as public holiday jao ho la.....

21 Jan 2009

李居士's 2009 econ outlook

*Rule of thumb* Number of ppl purchasing Mark 6 or performing other types of gambling activities is positively related to the drop of HASE index

As for 2009, it should be ppl mountain ppl sea at ah ma wui...

15 Jan 2009

6 Jan 2009

1 Jan 2009

Happy New Year!

Best wishes in 2009 and may all good dreams come true~ :D:D

***** on a side note, gotta comment on this really stupid presentation of firework on tv.....

this is really how they presented the firework lor.....CG-ed count down numbers ON TOP of the entire building!!! Really o mouth!!!! they really thought we wanted to see their CG 1-10 numbers instead of the actual firework n ifc????!!!!!

(yes..me n 2 other old ladies (wahahaha) were too lazy to get into the crowd so instead we were just covering up ourselves with blankets n watching the countdown from tv, wakakaka)