27 Jun 2010

食肥咗 :(

almost couldn't zip up this dress which i only bought like 2 weeks ago! scary of how lack of walking + chucking in too much food can cause u in such a short time!!

22 Jun 2010

short break

headed back to vancouver for my brother's convocation, congrats bro!

altho it really is quite boring to be stuck in vancouver w/o a car, spending time doing nothing with my family is already quite entertaining :)

*half way thru my break, 1 more wk to go before flying back*

11 Jun 2010

this week

has been draining, mentally. don't really recall what i did that's so different from all weeks before, but was exceptionally exhausted, and frustrated.

now lemme distract myself with some random old pix, took 3 years ago during my training in london.... (but has nothing to do with london!)

the beginning of my miniature small world collection...by the end of this trip, the number of bldgs doubled!

a random dinosaur from some team work activities...
randomly munching the eiffel tower (no offense, it just happens to be the lightest out of my collection and won't be drop & easily breaks)

5 Jun 2010


this flower felt from the tree right when i walked past it...oops i hope it wasn't me!

separately, finally done these 2 dolls! well, 90% done, still a bit more work to go....

3 Jun 2010


just noticed the topic "tired" has come up more frequently these few months...but at least it's all for a good reason (or so i hope...)

guess i'll just need a break, away from work, away from the computer!

before that, lemme admire some old photos and get into the ommmmm mode.....