31 Dec 2007

pre-Happy New Year!!

Happy day-before-2008!! Before anything new, lemme recap something from 2007 la...

Couple days back, Mom n I were preparing for a party n we were very ambitious ppl n thought that making jellos for 1x ppl would be lots of fun! (the making part for us + eating part for us n them)

n ended up we bought n made way too much jellos that "it's not leaking, it's overflowing".... (haha)

n ended up hv to use some 'alternative' containers from the freezer.....

23 Dec 2007

9 Dec 2007

climbing the fung wong saan...

alllllllll the way from tungchung MTR station.... n yes, we WALKED from the station, didn't take the bus first!!!! but the way down was just soooo scary!!!!!!! thx ms lin for lending out ur arm. wuwuwuw...at least i'm back to the civilized hk island without tumbling down n hitting away other innoncent ppl lor.... =="

so exhausted now.... lemme zzz at 9pm... =="

2 Dec 2007


*edit* i don't really need a wired mouse, all i need is those very old school mouse that's not optical but with a ball in it instead which i'm guessing they must be wired... (wutever it's called, i'm such cmpt illiterate@@)..becuz my desk is now with "uneven surface" (actually just some wood-like pattern la) so i can nvr draw smooth lines with this optical mouse i'm using... >.<

can someone lemme know if i can still buy these old sch mouse which can be plugged into my laptop ne?? wuwu!! >.<

29 Nov 2007

achoo!! >.<

so many ppl got sick lately.. which includes me @_@

kept on wanting to sneeze but can't... ho sun fu ar... =o=

n oh, must thx ah ms lin for the little apple fr c_tysup_r. hohoho~

24 Nov 2007


drawn much MSpaint lately.... so lemme dig out some old work n post it here sin. hehe
the below is some weird sighting that took place couple months back at the central MTR station. at ard 8sth am, a gp of ppl (a family i suppose) walked out fr the escalator coming fr the tsuen wan line, n they were all dressed in the same colour + style of polo shirt........ =="

was quite speechless when i saw them....

6 Nov 2007


why must we cram everything to cob so that we can be bored to death prior to that ne???

was faat-ing mo soooo badly b4 5:xxpm today.... so drew this... which not long fr then, had a 2hr mtg which still hasn't officially finished n will resume tmr morning lor.... ==

30 Oct 2007

26 Oct 2007

shocking pink *o*

was the colour they chose to use for the hotel rm wall including the washrm lor ng ji dim gai........ that is one of the funny findings from trip to jpn this time...

anyway, as if the shocking pink isn't odd enough, after we opened the bathrm door, they even hv this glass wall to separate the toilet fr the bath tub @@ makes us wonder wutz with this hotel... (hoping that itz not those that charges ppl on an hourly basis :P)

go chk out my albums for something more than the hot pink hotel from my trip to jpn! :D

10 Oct 2007

the essence of meetings

to recap wut u already know

7 Oct 2007

when ur umbrella isn't vy useful...

when itz not just rainy, but windy....
when itz not just windy + rainy, itz VERY windy...

n when on top of everything, it's not really ur day that day....

29 Sep 2007

To carry a tangerine...

me n ms choi carried a rather big tangerine last night....we thought we purchased tickets to watch a musical, dim ji when we got in we saw this setting...

dou sum ji bud miu ga la...cuz where can the performaners dance n performer if they hv the entire orchestra set out on stage ne?? (the woodwind n brass section i dun draw la, they'r behind the strings :P)

then turns out it was an opera performance lor ging yin T__T and, not to mention how poor the subtitles were when translated into Chinese! (opera was in German, they hv both English n Chinese subtitles)

so yah...really went all the way to TST to 'won gut' lor, hahaha.. ~_~"

16 Sep 2007

Yay! ^^v

The first ever film critic for me, coming from an anonymous source....(yah, the source doesn't want to disclose his/herself :p) can i term this person as....a fan of mine? wahahhaha....) Many thx mr/ms anonymous !!!!!! i'll add oil!!!! :D!!


News flash

14 Sep 2007

Hong Kong

Critics are raving about the latest star to explode onto the art scene - Carmen Lee - when her latest work, entitled Takoyaki (a Japanese grilled octopus delicacy), took the audience by storm at Galerie d'HXXC during its recent display.

Already some long-time art industry insiders are dubbing Carmen as "one of the greatest post-modern art spokespersons", following such esteemed footsteps as Warhol and Klein. "Her work is simply delicious," quoted one source who wished to remain anonymous. "Hints of takoyaki aroma virtually wafted past me when I first opened her powerpoint. Amazing."

Carmen's work is not only appealing to the artsy type. People with no previous art exposure were also touched by her culture-transcending pieces. A visitor who admitted he had no interest in art remarked, "when the fifth and sixth takoyaki flipped - simultaneously as if by magic - I had a tear in my eye. It was so...beautiful. This is changing my perception of what art can do."

Carmen's work is now on show at Galerie d'HXXC as a permanent exhibit. Her other show, Haircut, is on display at the same gallery from now until the end of the year.


for those who hvn't got a chance to see the 2 "movies" yet, i'm looking for a way to somehow post the currently-ppt-format,soon-flash/video-format video :)

keep chking!! hahaha!!!

31 Aug 2007

Who Stole my Astronaut??

long story short, had this party lastnite at LKF and we hv this paper Astronaut stand outside of the venue for photo-taking purposes.. when the nite's over, i was just standing by my little astro guy (1) n see this guy who just wanders ard it.....all of a sudden, he grabbed my astro guy and started running (2) !!!!!!!! @o@!!!!
that is (almost) the weirdest thing i've ever encounter in my life! (so far!)
then er...i chased after him..in my 2.5 inch heels... hahahha n so he stopped n we had a 'chat' (3)... vy civilized (tho me thinks he's 1/2 drunk), both of us. then i got back my astro guy... hahaha...
a close-up shot of what happened in (2).... n yup, there were many ppl on the street at that time..cuz it was just ard 11pm............ =v=
n so i told my frds la, but some of them said itz not that the funny part isn't the guy who took the astronaut but me chasing after wor...gum yau hai geh...chasing someone down the street at LKF, jone yiu yell "excuse me mister! excuse me! where (the hxll) are u taking my astronuat to???"
haha anyway, i'm just too responsible. can't help it. =p

18 Aug 2007


hope i didn't piss off any 'bosses' who happens to browse thru this page la =p

12 Aug 2007

from waaaaay back...

mom brought back some paintings that i did from YEARS ago... @o@ i think they were fr... er.... 8 or 10 yrs ago? aiya... feel so old.. hahaha
not all that great, but can't reproduce these now anymore lu.. everything learned were returned back to art teacher! haha! (just like all other courses i took~)

some fox

some grand canyon n my silly signature..

10 Aug 2007


finally!!! a no8 typhoon signal! waited for 2 yrs... finally it came to cut my work short la! :D
n so, to celebrate, i've went home after hea-ing at CWB n drew the below series of taiko...hahaha (sigh, still hvn't got the game yet lor but :( dim gai gum fai sold out ga....)

more taiko's... =v=

5 Aug 2007

9 yan gor

saw these cutie notebooks for $1.3 n decided to get a set of 3 (one for Chi, one for Eng, and one for Math). wanted to get a shocking pink colour for eng ga...but dun seem to locate it... (cuz i just think that Pink is for Eng, Blue is for Math, n Yellow is for Chi...)
anyway, letz sing the 9 yan gor sin... 1 1 yu 1, 1 2 yu 2, ....

*******on a side note ********
i thought i've lost my NDS ga la, but somehow it came out again, haha! =v=

was being shown this game n sooo wanna buy it but then itz already out of stock lu :(
m i just reacting a bit too late ne?? @_@

aiya ps.... this new mouse is a bit gwaai gwaai day.. dim gai ne... ~_~"

29 Jul 2007

hvn't been able to post new items lately cuz hv been ambitious enough to make mo liu powerpoints that work like animations lately! haha! thx for ms chan's help to incorporate some music to my 1st creation..tho it's still not complete yet! haha!

but b4 finishing the 1st piece, i've decided to create the 2nd one lu.. here's the sneak preview of the 2nd one, horhorhor... (not really a preview...cuz u can't really tell wut's happening with one still shot can u?! hahah!)

16 Jul 2007


CX has decided to give me a lemoooooooo T____T

my piece wasn't even shortlisted for the 1st round, wuwu......y is the truth always so harsh ne :*(

n so it has broken my dream to free tickets la T________T

(well yes, i can still vote for other pieces in the hope of winnin via the lucky draw geh, but not motivated anymore lu :( sighhhhh)

8 Jul 2007

free air tickets!? @o@!!!

yes!!! of cuz not sponsored by me la! sponsored by CX. (btw i really hope these text are showing this time....)

anyhoo, there's this "100 Reasons We love Hong Kong" campaign and they're giving out 1000 free tickets. Just to recap, there'll be 2 ways to win it: (1) submit ur own writing/drawing/photo AND got voted as the winner(s??) OR (2) voted for the winning piece(s??) AND got drawn in the lucky draw.

so, to keep things simple, i've submitted sth myself, wahaha..... n by major major MAJOR wishful thinking, if u've decided to vote for me or any pieces that u think will win (wah) n if u voted for THE winning piece (double wah) got randomly drawn (triple wah) n if that winning piece happens to be submitted by me(wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)...........................

then, we'll both get the free air tix lu~~ haha!

all hving said, here's the piece i'd really *cough* HOPE *cough* that you vote for.....

fingers toes arms n legs crossed....hahaha~

oh n, u can go to http://www.welovehongkong.hk/ for voting between 16 and 29 jul. n u can search the above pic by title (Efficiency) or display name (Karumen). just one note tho, i dunno y i can't search out my own submission unless i log on T__T i hv no idea y this is happening.. wuwuwu so odd.... i hope my submission was a successful one la!! ><

27 Jun 2007

random pix~

cutie beaver fr canada :D

when fire drill-ing fr L27 all the way to L12, pls rmb to bring a water bottle with u, ms hui...
last but not least....
a pan of takoyaki with faces~~ haha

23 Jun 2007

rolling eyes #1

rolling eyes #2

still trying to figure out a way to make the rolling eyes into an animation.... me cmpt bakchi dunno how.... used ppt n made it into a presentation....ng hai wah ng duc geh...but a bit weird lor. haha... oh n btw, u can click on the pix to enlarge them ga!!! haha....

n just to recreate some bak chi conversation........