25 Sep 2010

issue 6

on how to cut crabs....

on a separate note, i still have a few holidays left this year, but where is good to go in November..?? i was thinking of berlin, but saw on different forums saying that it's probably the worst month to be there, with rain n rain n rain.....mmmmm..... i m also considering somewhere in china, maybe the yellow mountain...any suggestions? :O

23 Sep 2010

finally back!

was in vancouver for 10 days for 2 wonderful weddings -- one as guest, one as maid of honour. congrats terry & jeff, and mandy & bennet!

n it's a bit ironic but i feel much more exhausted during this vacation than work...thus have been zzz-ing at 9pm for nites n still feel tired! perhaps routine is something relaxing, altho it involves work! haha...

2 Sep 2010

travel tag!

free!! from klm!!! :D

need a new bag!

not really in the mood to post anything these few weeks, work has buried me most of the time, and at other times there were those depressing news... n the most horrible thing, is the 2 day numbness on my right palm!! it's all gone now, probably just bad sitting postures or chair position that caused it (which reminds me to readjust my chair too as i type!)...overall, i guess it's a summation of too much of a stretch....

n due to my clumsiness in using almost anything, i've broken a grand total of 3 bags' zippers.... n now need to look for a new one! good excuse to go shopping but not exactly with a big budget : P

here's my user requirement:
oh and, i m not a big fan of any type of monograms.... @_@ mmm....

any recommendations??

19 Aug 2010

15 Aug 2010


workaversary....! (of putting myself in the full time work force that is..)

not always great, but not too bad overall!

10 Aug 2010


why!!!!! why is it just wednesday tomorrow????
why is there another 3 days before weekend????
why do we work 5 days and get 2 days off, and not the other way round????

why m i so inclined to do nothing????
(ok edit, i don't want to do nothing, i just want to do things i like doing, such as...those things that u don't get paid, such as non-work-related hobbies!)

9 Aug 2010

issue 5

girl on left: i'm such a great daughter, i helped my mom peeled water chestnuts all morning long!
girl on right: right...all 10 fingers are cut, you're indeed great....

3 Aug 2010

workplace exercise


2 Aug 2010

hot bath

suddenly in the mood for a hot bath...especially after being in air-conditioned places for too long...

28 Jul 2010



20 Jul 2010




我自己都不是每個字都執著正音, 但都唔好太懶太離譜呀.... /_\

18 Jul 2010


i mean me, not the apples...

ok, now lemme proceed to the long due studying
but still have to have some food first...haha..always excuses available ;)

17 Jul 2010

issue 4

just noticed i nvr posted this up~

mmm now it's time to draw up sth for issue 5....

3 Jul 2010

snow white

the giant...

she is indeed quite big! as compared to the dwarfs at least!

for illustration friday

27 Jun 2010

食肥咗 :(

almost couldn't zip up this dress which i only bought like 2 weeks ago! scary of how lack of walking + chucking in too much food can cause u in such a short time!!

22 Jun 2010

short break

headed back to vancouver for my brother's convocation, congrats bro!

altho it really is quite boring to be stuck in vancouver w/o a car, spending time doing nothing with my family is already quite entertaining :)

*half way thru my break, 1 more wk to go before flying back*

11 Jun 2010

this week

has been draining, mentally. don't really recall what i did that's so different from all weeks before, but was exceptionally exhausted, and frustrated.

now lemme distract myself with some random old pix, took 3 years ago during my training in london.... (but has nothing to do with london!)

the beginning of my miniature small world collection...by the end of this trip, the number of bldgs doubled!

a random dinosaur from some team work activities...
randomly munching the eiffel tower (no offense, it just happens to be the lightest out of my collection and won't be drop & easily breaks)

5 Jun 2010


this flower felt from the tree right when i walked past it...oops i hope it wasn't me!

separately, finally done these 2 dolls! well, 90% done, still a bit more work to go....

3 Jun 2010


just noticed the topic "tired" has come up more frequently these few months...but at least it's all for a good reason (or so i hope...)

guess i'll just need a break, away from work, away from the computer!

before that, lemme admire some old photos and get into the ommmmm mode.....

31 May 2010

oven glove from envelop

made their way today!
vy nicely made! but r quite too big for me.... :( i can stuff my entire forearm into the glove!

29 May 2010


my own order of the hardcopy cover book has arrived~ yay~

27 May 2010

magical hand cream

not just hand cream, but face cream / face wash / sun block / shampoo / tooth paste / seasame oil / ball pen ink.... u name it! don't know why but seems to me they do have some magical power to reproduce themselves when they're just about finished!

whenever i thought a bottle of whatever will probably last for just another 3, 4 times of use, i'd buy a new bottle (and secretly thinking, yay!! finally finished off this bottle of shampoo, now lemme pick another brand & smell!), n then turns out, that old bottle will sit in my washroom for another month before it's *finally* finished.. =_=
or it may just be the case that, after all these years i still can't figure out if the bottle is really "near finished" or not.. : P

25 May 2010


what?? u don't eat lunch??

.....reflecting on my ex-job.....

it's almost 1 year since i left them, n is loving my current job, despite all the hard works, it's at least meaningful and valued :))

23 May 2010


it is in the chinese saying that people who don't sleep at nite or tend to stay up late but sleep in the day are "owls"...

but what if i need to sleep at nite and in the day?

22 May 2010

blue sky

no more :(      stop raining!!

this is from day b4 yesterday...



其實好像早在一年前Mr和RubberBand已經冒起了還橫掃了各個頒獎禮,不過我只懂得欣賞舊人,而且近年連新歌也提不起勁聽,徨論新人啦。前兩晚在youtube看這看那,就randomly按上RB已經成年前的的"小涼拌"。點知,又幾好聽&幾summer bor! i like!

20 May 2010

wooooooooooooooaaaaaahhhh :OOOOO

9,999 visits! :OOO

many many thanks for dropping by, either your first or N-th time!!! truly appreciate it :D

who'll be the 10,000th? :D


the weather in hong kong has been quite "emotional" these days...i rmb seeing in the weather forecast that it'd be sunny and hot at 30 degrees celcius ever since last Thurs and Fri, but turned out to be rainy n stormy n low at 23 for almost the entire week...n today finally, a peek of sunshine!!

from iphone in normal mode...
then in "lomo" mode... hehe

19 May 2010

beautiful bag from scandinavia!

as found from Fei An's online shop

love her design! simple & clean is just fine, her tag line says, which i totally agree!

unwrapped, admired, photoshooted, admired a bit more.

next step is to think of what to put inside ^^

16 May 2010

summer cicadas

i had devoted an entire blog entry previously on how much i can't bear bugs. i think it still stands true, but with a bit of tweak...

tonight i was walking downhills n there is this rare 5 mins on my way down when there was no single car nor person around (this is pretty rare in hong kong at 715pm..), n all that was there, was just the mist i was walking in, some street lights n then the cicadas doing their summer song (n my mints banging inside a tin can. mmm...)

it was quite magical n i just thought only if i dun need to rush to dinner...

n abt my thoughts for bugs, i reckon that as long as i dun c them, i can still get along with, i say most of them :) (except for cockroaches!!)

some unrelated random old pix of the spring/summer sky...

13 May 2010

stay warm~ my first "DIY" oven glove :D

the original....

mocked up my design onto the oven glove template provided by envelop.eu~
my so-called little shop is opened! hehehe http://envelop.eu/shop/articles/details/p/stay-warm-2

will hv to order a pair myself first to check out its quality before anything! :)) sooo excited!!!

11 May 2010

why is it tuesday stillllllllll.......


i need/want a break.......................

9 May 2010

issue 3

my illustration for the may issue~
my name on the credit page with lam wai mei :OOO

*off topic*
never a fan of drama, but watched this show "29+1" today, and it was actually not bad!
looove this pattern on their leaflet btw!


6 May 2010

i know

burping is just normal human biological stuff to do n it shd be included as a basic human right, etc etc etc.... but actually, would u mind keeping it relatively quiet / unnoticeable.... becuz this sort of gives me a vy vy vy weird n grossed out feeling when i hear it...in office....from a colleague that i’m not close to....... >.<
same goes with cutting ur nails! do it at home pls!! >.< sorry for being so demanding!!

4 May 2010


saw this woman talking on the phone inside the mtr last nite... her hair is allll over her face n u can't actaually see the face! @_@ looks a bit scary in my perspective...!

29 Apr 2010

so tired these days...

work's been like a roller-coaster for the last couple weeks....seems like it's finally back on track but gosh it's incredibly exhausting, mentally & physically! wish i can take a half day off just sleeping in or sth...but that seems to be a privilege of working in a big company which i've already left behind.... guess that's the flip side of "getting control of everything" working in a small company, since it also means that u can't manage to "have anything out of control".... waiting for the long wkend in 4 weeks' time!!!

27 Apr 2010


for the hardcopy to arrive in 2 weeks' time...

btw, changed the "e-book" setting, so now the preview is of the entire book! the link in the previous post is still valid, put it on "full screen" for clearer images n such~ :)

22 Apr 2010

my mo liu diary @ okayama 第...what??


again!! here comes the grand finale of the long-almost-forgotten okayama story!!! yup it's only "almost forgotten" becuz i still rmb to wrap it up, just a little too lazy (n lots of excuses) to do so for a long_long_time.......

so now w/o further adieu...

*grand finale of my mo liu diary @ okayama* (in case u want to revisit the story, click here for previous posts :))

22 – Ready, Set, Go!


Get ready


雖然距離last day還有一段時間,我已經開始收拾細軟,陸續把沉纍纍的雜誌呀漫畫呀CD呀相片呀通通pack箱寄回家。順帶一提,大紙箱是可以免費(!!)在超市拿的。不是叫你拿載滿貨那些啦!是放在收銀處後面,超市不要的那些啦。回老家時又因為要在東京轉機,我便決定在東京多留數天吧。吸收了上次毫無計劃的東京論論盡盡之旅的經驗,我和阿魚這次不敢怠慢,立即超有效率地安排了是次東京的酒店(當然是非廉價不可),再安排上京的車票--臨別秋波,就讓我們再表現一次算死草特質至究極吧!我先把公司提供的新幹線車票給退了,再購入價錢只需五份之一的過夜巴士票就攪定了!

Get set

至於爸爸的電飯煲,為了要幫它找個好人家,我們在international centre 貼了廣告--盛惠四千大円。冇錯,我買回來才四千多円,夠膽死用咗半年後幾乎以原價賣出!但須知雖然我們也勤煮飯,那個電飯煲是保存得很好的!然後才一天,己經有人打來,連價也懶得還便買了!那次算是so far個人生涯裡最投資得道的一次了......可想以知我平常是如何眯著眼投資的...嘿嘿。

安排好這些那些之後,便是一系列大吃大喝的farewell 我和阿魚的飯局了。碰巧近著聖誕新年,餐廳都推出很多「忘年會」套餐,三千多円已是一個可以吃不完還要包括all you can drink的套餐。我們和小董,阿比,還有一些日本人老師們去了Pronto吃個日式意大利菜。那兒的意大利麵還有就是檸檬茶也好好好味道的(可能是我要求不高啦,速食店水準也鍾愛如此),不過之前覺得它有點貴(其實人吔做緊千九円一個lunch set 之嘛,仲想點?!)所以不太常來。蒲坐下,全美女班的日本老師們便先來一大杯啤酒清淸喉;還未決定吃什麼前菜已自顧自的幹掉三四杯了!一頓飯下來的紅酒白酒也照樣面不改容,堪稱海量!不過沒有喝酒的我也吃得太多了...好飽 呀....

12月的時間好像過得比平常快。三個星期一下子便過去了。來到last day,是一個幾乎和平時沒兩樣的上課日。不過我們比平常要早起得多因為經理阿呆早上要來驗屋收樓。

收樓之前的週末,我和阿魚戴上手套,手執鮑魚刷,為屋子由上至下大掃除一番。就在我們盡責地大掃除時發生事故了!!還記得「20 - XX之秋」裡頭曾提及過貼在大門後的那副南瓜圖嗎?當我一把拿起南瓜圖時,門上的油漆竟也應聲原塊黏在那幾片膠紙上甩了出來!!大...大件事啦!想再把南瓜圖貼上但又想正常人不會一年365天都掛著 happy halloween 吧?!一拉下來還是會看見啦!天啊!!!


我把幾乎整個岡山市的巿中心地圖給畫了出來(on scale 㗎!),然後貼回大門後。想來地圖貼於門後也沒什麼不妥吧。而且地圖本身簡易明白(只著墨於旅遊點、食肆、商場等重點推介),我又另加一些溫馨小註解,讓初來報到的人也可輕鬆遊岡山。又為了感覺一致,我多做了一張關於垃圾分類和時間表貼在垃圾桶旁。然後再把之前拿到的旅遊資料分類放在櫃裡。雖說原意是遮醜,但如果我和阿魚初來時也有這樣完善又清晰的資料就好了!簡直令我羨慕起他們來!

說回last day吧,在阿呆來之前電燈公司派人早了一步截了電。而且我們也把「飯桌」還原為房門了,屋子變得稍微寬敞了點卻又暗了點。所以之後的驗樓幾乎是在一片漆黑中進行。接著我們便去上最後一天的課了。



帶著同學仔送的小花呀圖畫呀玩具手鍊呀,我趕到車站前和阿魚會合。麻衣子和彌生更走來看我們!因為時間緊迫,我們只能在松屋匆匆忙忙吃個飯便算了。晚上9時正,巴士坐滿上京的人,要出發了。巴士站旁的麻衣子她們還有其他來送別 的人揮著手,隔著巴士拿著小花的我很糗,終於也沒能忍著淚水,淚眼糢糊地跟岡山揮著手說再見了!
***********the end**********
so that's the entire okayama story!

*phew* it actually took a little longer than i initially thought to wrap up the whole story (mainly due to my lazyness..). but still feel good to finnnnally get this done!

2003 wasn't actually that long ago, but now that i look at the calendar again, yes it is already 7 years ago! writting out the experience is almost like experiencing the trip itself all over again - it was fun and it still is fun! if anyone is still in uni, considering doing exchanges / internships overseas, go for it! even if it means a year or 2 delay in your graduation - you won't regret it! in fact, u may if u decide against it when u had the choice!

next thing is to have my next trip to japan sorted out...hehehe ^^