25 Aug 2009


this is too fun!!! hahaha

22 Aug 2009

21 Aug 2009

akira go go go!

好玩 ^^b

(oops, posted the wrong link tim, this is the real one! )

13 Aug 2009

i forgive u if u dunno this is a gag, becuz it is really vy 爛 hahahahha

12 Aug 2009

so zzzzzzz

yawwwwwwwwwwwn~~~~ releasing mosquitoooooooo

4 Aug 2009


just 10 mins after i left office... how can so many stupid stuff happen all in one go?!

me avoiding the dirty raindrop n resulting in stepping onto coke on the floor...
then when i get off the car, i hv to first hit my head, then drop my magazine n my $$, not to mention it's a vy lousy 8 gwa magazine, completely showing the mo-noi-haam side of me hah.........

ways of interpretation

there are sometimes, more than one right answer...well i guess my point is, WHY DON'T YOU JUST CALL IT A NO8 N WE DON'T HV TO WORK??? wahahahahhaahhaha