27 Feb 2013


taken somewhere in paris, 2 years ago. 

as typical as i m, i guess even an ordinary rose just looks more romantic in paris!

wanna go travel again : (

23 Feb 2013

telling you quietly that...

can't believe that someone would have pinned one of the silly comics I drew on pinterest, from 3 different people! 

can't believe that when you search "mo liu" (ie. "non sense" in Chinese) on Google, my site comes on the 5th site!

can't believe it's been 6 years since the first blog entry!

hehe ^^

for illustration friday~*

22 Feb 2013

Nat Geo Photo Contest

Saw this post on FB and immediately want to pick up my camera again! :)
haven't have this urge to take photos nor to write a blog entry in the longest time...hopefully this will retrigger my interest :))

Link to the Nat Geo FB page

Photos I submitted, which one do you like? :D