27 Jun 2007

random pix~

cutie beaver fr canada :D

when fire drill-ing fr L27 all the way to L12, pls rmb to bring a water bottle with u, ms hui...
last but not least....
a pan of takoyaki with faces~~ haha

23 Jun 2007

rolling eyes #1

rolling eyes #2

still trying to figure out a way to make the rolling eyes into an animation.... me cmpt bakchi dunno how.... used ppt n made it into a presentation....ng hai wah ng duc geh...but a bit weird lor. haha... oh n btw, u can click on the pix to enlarge them ga!!! haha....

n just to recreate some bak chi conversation........

20 Jun 2007

my twin sister =v=

ms choi saw this at MK n she said she couldn't help but buy it for me.....cuz it looked so much like the me in MSPaint version wor... @_@"

so here's the Polaroid of my so-called twin sister...hehe

oh, n just to show u a collection of the 'mug heads' i hv created......some r based on real ppl...some r just mo liu random creations... feel free to do the guessing but i won't tell u the answer. wahhaah

<-- this last one..of cuz is waldo la.... haha..

13 Jun 2007

stuff you can do at home...

hvn't hv the jet lag problem for years up until last night.... was well aslp at midnight n then suddenly woke up at ard 2am n couldn't fall back aslp again until ard 6am.... sigh... :(

so the things i was doing during the 4 hrs are:

1) staring at the ceiling....
2) playing NDS in the dark until the battery light turned red... perhaps the jet lag problem is a sign of aging...sigh, us old biscults us!!!

8 Jun 2007

today is ms vj's last day at work for the world's l_c_l *company*... aiiiiiyaaa i'll miss our gd old snake king times at L12 n L28 n BL1 la..... :(
but given u'll be just...erm...2 bldgs away, i bet snake king can still take place at nearby coffee chains such as the starbu_ks or sth like that geh :) as long as u'r free to 'ying chao' me n as long as i hv the time to snake king. wahahha

on a side note~ i've done packing la! flying back to van tmr, yay! to celeb pinetree's....10 yr anniversary! wah..same as hk (sorry for such a mo liu remark)
anyway, here's to the band geek me! (band in a different sense actually, but oh well, just to draw the easier-to-draw stuff, hehehe)

5 Jun 2007

stuff you can do at office...

Option A: counting fingers
Option B: growing mushrooms

Disclaimer: Pls ensure you hv completed ur work b4 proceeding to option A or B.
Above disclaimer quoted from your boss.... =v=

3 Jun 2007


so hot today..... == went out n felt like a melting chocolate...n so decided to stay home n update my little blog for the rest of today, hehe...

actually i've been quite enviornmentally frdly by not turning on my a/c but it was JUST TOO HOT TODAY la.......>.<

anyway, lemme share with u wut i think r 2 ideal ways to spend ur summer....(*ideal* can be substituded with *impossible*... can only foresee myself being stuck at office for most of the summer!! at least 5/7 of the wk that is! >.<)

********** wuwu i want a summer holiday.... T___T **********

on a sidenote, want to comment on the brilliant sense of direction me n ms v.j. have :)

last fri went to a fantastic cello recital at Hong Kong Arts Centre - Agnès b. cinema.

for some reason tho, when we thought we've arrived at Hong Kong Arts Centre we couldn't locate the Agnès b. cinema.

then eventually, we came to realize that we went to Hong Kong Academy for Performaning Arts rather than Arts Centre....(which was actually just across the street from where we SHOULD be).............

n if we happened to go to the CORRECT location in the first place, we SHOULD hv found our way to the cinema with no problem.... cuz they hv a big sign la...like this..-->

so yah... we found our way there eventually =p