3 Jun 2007


so hot today..... == went out n felt like a melting chocolate...n so decided to stay home n update my little blog for the rest of today, hehe...

actually i've been quite enviornmentally frdly by not turning on my a/c but it was JUST TOO HOT TODAY la.......>.<

anyway, lemme share with u wut i think r 2 ideal ways to spend ur summer....(*ideal* can be substituded with *impossible*... can only foresee myself being stuck at office for most of the summer!! at least 5/7 of the wk that is! >.<)

********** wuwu i want a summer holiday.... T___T **********

on a sidenote, want to comment on the brilliant sense of direction me n ms v.j. have :)

last fri went to a fantastic cello recital at Hong Kong Arts Centre - Agnès b. cinema.

for some reason tho, when we thought we've arrived at Hong Kong Arts Centre we couldn't locate the Agnès b. cinema.

then eventually, we came to realize that we went to Hong Kong Academy for Performaning Arts rather than Arts Centre....(which was actually just across the street from where we SHOULD be).............

n if we happened to go to the CORRECT location in the first place, we SHOULD hv found our way to the cinema with no problem.... cuz they hv a big sign la...like this..-->

so yah... we found our way there eventually =p

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Vivian J. said...

great re-creation of the Agnes b Cinema (!) logo! :D