19 Aug 2010

15 Aug 2010


workaversary....! (of putting myself in the full time work force that is..)

not always great, but not too bad overall!

10 Aug 2010


why!!!!! why is it just wednesday tomorrow????
why is there another 3 days before weekend????
why do we work 5 days and get 2 days off, and not the other way round????

why m i so inclined to do nothing????
(ok edit, i don't want to do nothing, i just want to do things i like doing, such as...those things that u don't get paid, such as non-work-related hobbies!)

9 Aug 2010

issue 5

girl on left: i'm such a great daughter, i helped my mom peeled water chestnuts all morning long!
girl on right: right...all 10 fingers are cut, you're indeed great....

3 Aug 2010

workplace exercise


2 Aug 2010

hot bath

suddenly in the mood for a hot bath...especially after being in air-conditioned places for too long...