30 Jun 2009

not again?!

after getting rid of wisdom tooth A, wisdom tooth B decided it's now its turn and is growing at a pace that is drilling into my face.... scary!!!!!!!!!

shdn't hv ate so much cheese cake lately... *sigh*

25 Jun 2009

ho yiit ar............

only if i can do nth n soak myself with icecubes....um...jang.....

3 Jun 2009


i didn't know i mean so much to you, to the extend that you have to think of so many sneaky ways to make me upset! hahaha thanks for the EQ train up ar, 傻豬! of cuz i won't be upset la cause i just can't care to give a shxt of u :D

but still worth an entry just to compliment u for giving me this EQ training geh~