31 Dec 2007

pre-Happy New Year!!

Happy day-before-2008!! Before anything new, lemme recap something from 2007 la...

Couple days back, Mom n I were preparing for a party n we were very ambitious ppl n thought that making jellos for 1x ppl would be lots of fun! (the making part for us + eating part for us n them)

n ended up we bought n made way too much jellos that "it's not leaking, it's overflowing".... (haha)

n ended up hv to use some 'alternative' containers from the freezer.....

23 Dec 2007

9 Dec 2007

climbing the fung wong saan...

alllllllll the way from tungchung MTR station.... n yes, we WALKED from the station, didn't take the bus first!!!! but the way down was just soooo scary!!!!!!! thx ms lin for lending out ur arm. wuwuwuw...at least i'm back to the civilized hk island without tumbling down n hitting away other innoncent ppl lor.... =="

so exhausted now.... lemme zzz at 9pm... =="

2 Dec 2007


*edit* i don't really need a wired mouse, all i need is those very old school mouse that's not optical but with a ball in it instead which i'm guessing they must be wired... (wutever it's called, i'm such cmpt illiterate@@)..becuz my desk is now with "uneven surface" (actually just some wood-like pattern la) so i can nvr draw smooth lines with this optical mouse i'm using... >.<

can someone lemme know if i can still buy these old sch mouse which can be plugged into my laptop ne?? wuwu!! >.<