25 Sep 2010

issue 6

on how to cut crabs....

on a separate note, i still have a few holidays left this year, but where is good to go in November..?? i was thinking of berlin, but saw on different forums saying that it's probably the worst month to be there, with rain n rain n rain.....mmmmm..... i m also considering somewhere in china, maybe the yellow mountain...any suggestions? :O

23 Sep 2010

finally back!

was in vancouver for 10 days for 2 wonderful weddings -- one as guest, one as maid of honour. congrats terry & jeff, and mandy & bennet!

n it's a bit ironic but i feel much more exhausted during this vacation than work...thus have been zzz-ing at 9pm for nites n still feel tired! perhaps routine is something relaxing, altho it involves work! haha...

2 Sep 2010

travel tag!

free!! from klm!!! :D

need a new bag!

not really in the mood to post anything these few weeks, work has buried me most of the time, and at other times there were those depressing news... n the most horrible thing, is the 2 day numbness on my right palm!! it's all gone now, probably just bad sitting postures or chair position that caused it (which reminds me to readjust my chair too as i type!)...overall, i guess it's a summation of too much of a stretch....

n due to my clumsiness in using almost anything, i've broken a grand total of 3 bags' zippers.... n now need to look for a new one! good excuse to go shopping but not exactly with a big budget : P

here's my user requirement:
oh and, i m not a big fan of any type of monograms.... @_@ mmm....

any recommendations??