31 May 2009

transformers 2


JR toe cheung...

ms paint version~ hehe

24 May 2009

in time of economy crisis... PART II

misunderstanding sometimes arises undesirably...

n ppl had to become all of a sudden so quiet when u walk inside the lift like this lor...

13 May 2009

grade 2 math...

or maybe grade 1?? can't rmb when i learned division of fractions lu...has to be close to 20+ yrs!!!!!!!!!! (omg did i just say it out loud?!)

anyway, i was thinking to make 1/2 the qty of creme brulee than the receipe, so logically i reduced everything in half.........

n as u'd expect, turns out it's overly overly overly schweeeet.... ==

10 May 2009

all of a sudden

有小小不得不舒發一下o既少女情懷 ... (yes i know, a bit gross coming from me hahahaha)

5 May 2009

re swine flu...

found this at L7....this is how we save energy and comfort our colleagues at the same time, BRAVO!