5 May 2016

wall decor~ available in my facebook store :)

由設計師Gum親手製作及繒畫,超可愛又獨一無二嘅掛牆畫飾(20x20cm) 😍 同我家小狗一樣樣架!仲可以custom made 不同的小🐱小🐶😆 有興趣請pm🐶🐷🐱

Designed and handcrafted by designer Gum, these really cute and unique paintings can be mount to wall as decoration (20x20cm, comes with hanger and nails) 😊you can also place custom made orders for your beloved pets! pls send us a msg if interested 

6 Jan 2016

Shiba scandinavian style ^^

my beloved shiba inu in scandinavian style :) still trying to figure out how to mask this design into table placemat on envelop.eu!!

31 Oct 2015

happy halloween! :D

kitty lantern~ 

and from last year :)

21 Oct 2015

20 Feb 2015

Happy Year of Sheep~

practicing chinese calligraphy with hubby :)

31 Dec 2014


Finally, with the monitoring under mr lai, i made a dessert dish that tastes what it is supposed to taste like :)

23 Nov 2014

comic creation from 3 years ago

found this randomly as i was going to back up my wedding pix :) this is quite funny as i re-read them