31 May 2010

oven glove from envelop

made their way today!
vy nicely made! but r quite too big for me.... :( i can stuff my entire forearm into the glove!

29 May 2010


my own order of the hardcopy cover book has arrived~ yay~

27 May 2010

magical hand cream

not just hand cream, but face cream / face wash / sun block / shampoo / tooth paste / seasame oil / ball pen ink.... u name it! don't know why but seems to me they do have some magical power to reproduce themselves when they're just about finished!

whenever i thought a bottle of whatever will probably last for just another 3, 4 times of use, i'd buy a new bottle (and secretly thinking, yay!! finally finished off this bottle of shampoo, now lemme pick another brand & smell!), n then turns out, that old bottle will sit in my washroom for another month before it's *finally* finished.. =_=
or it may just be the case that, after all these years i still can't figure out if the bottle is really "near finished" or not.. : P

25 May 2010


what?? u don't eat lunch??

.....reflecting on my ex-job.....

it's almost 1 year since i left them, n is loving my current job, despite all the hard works, it's at least meaningful and valued :))

23 May 2010


it is in the chinese saying that people who don't sleep at nite or tend to stay up late but sleep in the day are "owls"...

but what if i need to sleep at nite and in the day?

22 May 2010

blue sky

no more :(      stop raining!!

this is from day b4 yesterday...



其實好像早在一年前Mr和RubberBand已經冒起了還橫掃了各個頒獎禮,不過我只懂得欣賞舊人,而且近年連新歌也提不起勁聽,徨論新人啦。前兩晚在youtube看這看那,就randomly按上RB已經成年前的的"小涼拌"。點知,又幾好聽&幾summer bor! i like!

20 May 2010

wooooooooooooooaaaaaahhhh :OOOOO

9,999 visits! :OOO

many many thanks for dropping by, either your first or N-th time!!! truly appreciate it :D

who'll be the 10,000th? :D


the weather in hong kong has been quite "emotional" these days...i rmb seeing in the weather forecast that it'd be sunny and hot at 30 degrees celcius ever since last Thurs and Fri, but turned out to be rainy n stormy n low at 23 for almost the entire week...n today finally, a peek of sunshine!!

from iphone in normal mode...
then in "lomo" mode... hehe

19 May 2010

beautiful bag from scandinavia!

as found from Fei An's online shop

love her design! simple & clean is just fine, her tag line says, which i totally agree!

unwrapped, admired, photoshooted, admired a bit more.

next step is to think of what to put inside ^^

16 May 2010

summer cicadas

i had devoted an entire blog entry previously on how much i can't bear bugs. i think it still stands true, but with a bit of tweak...

tonight i was walking downhills n there is this rare 5 mins on my way down when there was no single car nor person around (this is pretty rare in hong kong at 715pm..), n all that was there, was just the mist i was walking in, some street lights n then the cicadas doing their summer song (n my mints banging inside a tin can. mmm...)

it was quite magical n i just thought only if i dun need to rush to dinner...

n abt my thoughts for bugs, i reckon that as long as i dun c them, i can still get along with, i say most of them :) (except for cockroaches!!)

some unrelated random old pix of the spring/summer sky...

13 May 2010

stay warm~ my first "DIY" oven glove :D

the original....

mocked up my design onto the oven glove template provided by envelop.eu~
my so-called little shop is opened! hehehe http://envelop.eu/shop/articles/details/p/stay-warm-2

will hv to order a pair myself first to check out its quality before anything! :)) sooo excited!!!

11 May 2010

why is it tuesday stillllllllll.......


i need/want a break.......................

9 May 2010

issue 3

my illustration for the may issue~
my name on the credit page with lam wai mei :OOO

*off topic*
never a fan of drama, but watched this show "29+1" today, and it was actually not bad!
looove this pattern on their leaflet btw!


6 May 2010

i know

burping is just normal human biological stuff to do n it shd be included as a basic human right, etc etc etc.... but actually, would u mind keeping it relatively quiet / unnoticeable.... becuz this sort of gives me a vy vy vy weird n grossed out feeling when i hear it...in office....from a colleague that i’m not close to....... >.<
same goes with cutting ur nails! do it at home pls!! >.< sorry for being so demanding!!

4 May 2010


saw this woman talking on the phone inside the mtr last nite... her hair is allll over her face n u can't actaually see the face! @_@ looks a bit scary in my perspective...!