29 Nov 2007

achoo!! >.<

so many ppl got sick lately.. which includes me @_@

kept on wanting to sneeze but can't... ho sun fu ar... =o=

n oh, must thx ah ms lin for the little apple fr c_tysup_r. hohoho~

24 Nov 2007


drawn much MSpaint lately.... so lemme dig out some old work n post it here sin. hehe
the below is some weird sighting that took place couple months back at the central MTR station. at ard 8sth am, a gp of ppl (a family i suppose) walked out fr the escalator coming fr the tsuen wan line, n they were all dressed in the same colour + style of polo shirt........ =="

was quite speechless when i saw them....

6 Nov 2007


why must we cram everything to cob so that we can be bored to death prior to that ne???

was faat-ing mo soooo badly b4 5:xxpm today.... so drew this... which not long fr then, had a 2hr mtg which still hasn't officially finished n will resume tmr morning lor.... ==