26 Feb 2010

design-a-sock contest

just found this out today from browsing marlene pattern's website! n turns out today is already the deadline...hahaha so submitted something randomly...like this... :)
definitely want to try again if hv more time! hehe

23 Feb 2010

this is *exactly*

how i feel being at work today after my 10-days holiday/sickie break n still trying to recover from the lingering flu + supposedly jetlag (supposedly, becuz i'm guessing it's just my usual sleepiness as oppose to a jetlag).... 
hvn't hv such a prolooooooonged brain fart since forever!!

15 Feb 2010

more old works

was actually looking for some other photo albums...still couldn't find them, but instead found these paintings/drawings i did loooooong time ago!

n finally, a dish i made + paint during my last yr at university....learned n made it at a korean pottery place near my home. n ever since it's made, it's been fully utilised as a dish too! wahahaha


with the flow is gd stimes..esp when u'r too tired to go against the current....

especially during the days i'm not feeling too well =_=zzzz

here is my "daily schedule" of my cny holiday...
day 1: headache
day 2 + 3: sore throat
day 4: cough + runny nose....

i need to recover vy soon or the entire holiday would've gone wasted :(

for illustration friday

13 Feb 2010


almost year of the tiger! :D  (1 day away hk time, 2 days away vancouver time!)
PS....getting this flu on the 2nd day of my holiday break >.< do i really unconsciously miss my job THAT much?!

8 Feb 2010

wahahahahahahaha x 1000000

sorry to make a big fuss over it, but my first "official" debut work as a freelance illustrator as below...hehehe

....as found on this "Zhu Fan Zai" (canto slang for cooking dinner at home) free magazine :))

7 Feb 2010

my imaginary tote bags

drawn on HK$16 muji bags...well i mean the image, not the actual bag, wakakka

6 Feb 2010


most girls don't like yucky muds getting on them, not even their shoes...but then again, there is always exception...
for illustration friday :D

3 Feb 2010

coffee, tea, or ...?

spent a free and random night with mom taking photos of some of her antique cups collection...i thought they'r quite nice myself =v=

origin: england, france

2 Feb 2010


of the wind....heard this on the radio on my way home today! :O how old sch!
this is one of those old disney cartoons that i nvr really watched but only knew the music via good old highsch band... haha... the music is quite amazing n i thought we and the kids (our forced audience) quite enjoyed it hehe...oh n apparently the cantonese version was sang by amanda lee (lee wai man). yet another old sch singer