8 Feb 2010

wahahahahahahaha x 1000000

sorry to make a big fuss over it, but my first "official" debut work as a freelance illustrator as below...hehehe

....as found on this "Zhu Fan Zai" (canto slang for cooking dinner at home) free magazine :))


Stefani Ernst said...

I also do freelance illustration...photography...paintings and design!!! Enjoy! Its fun working for yourself! Love your stuff! I am happy that you like my pics!!! :)

Prairie Girl Studio said...

many congratulations on your debut illustration work ... bravo!
just wanted to say thanks so much for coming by my little spot in the world ... and to 2bbb ... it is such a delight to meet you and find your spot as well!
cheers ~

bonne said...

where i can get this?

CA_grafico said...

Awesome!!! Congratulations!

Karumen said...

thanks for all your kind words!! :D i sure wish to get further with this illustration path :))

and bonne, they hv free copies in G.O.D. in their cwb/central/tst outlets, langham place, olympian city, n some baking/cookery places :)) u in the island/kowloon side?

alliot said...

I'll try to get one :)

Karumen said...

thanks alliot! ^^

MiKa Art said...

Wow, congratulations!! Aren't they awesome?!

kebonikö said...

I love your blog ;p
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