29 Jul 2007

hvn't been able to post new items lately cuz hv been ambitious enough to make mo liu powerpoints that work like animations lately! haha! thx for ms chan's help to incorporate some music to my 1st creation..tho it's still not complete yet! haha!

but b4 finishing the 1st piece, i've decided to create the 2nd one lu.. here's the sneak preview of the 2nd one, horhorhor... (not really a preview...cuz u can't really tell wut's happening with one still shot can u?! hahah!)

16 Jul 2007


CX has decided to give me a lemoooooooo T____T

my piece wasn't even shortlisted for the 1st round, wuwu......y is the truth always so harsh ne :*(

n so it has broken my dream to free tickets la T________T

(well yes, i can still vote for other pieces in the hope of winnin via the lucky draw geh, but not motivated anymore lu :( sighhhhh)

8 Jul 2007

free air tickets!? @o@!!!

yes!!! of cuz not sponsored by me la! sponsored by CX. (btw i really hope these text are showing this time....)

anyhoo, there's this "100 Reasons We love Hong Kong" campaign and they're giving out 1000 free tickets. Just to recap, there'll be 2 ways to win it: (1) submit ur own writing/drawing/photo AND got voted as the winner(s??) OR (2) voted for the winning piece(s??) AND got drawn in the lucky draw.

so, to keep things simple, i've submitted sth myself, wahaha..... n by major major MAJOR wishful thinking, if u've decided to vote for me or any pieces that u think will win (wah) n if u voted for THE winning piece (double wah) got randomly drawn (triple wah) n if that winning piece happens to be submitted by me(wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)...........................

then, we'll both get the free air tix lu~~ haha!

all hving said, here's the piece i'd really *cough* HOPE *cough* that you vote for.....

fingers toes arms n legs crossed....hahaha~

oh n, u can go to http://www.welovehongkong.hk/ for voting between 16 and 29 jul. n u can search the above pic by title (Efficiency) or display name (Karumen). just one note tho, i dunno y i can't search out my own submission unless i log on T__T i hv no idea y this is happening.. wuwuwu so odd.... i hope my submission was a successful one la!! ><