4 Mar 2012


many cool stuff on etsy, let me join this community too :)

3 Mar 2012

good intention, bad intention

for illustration friday~*

1 Mar 2012


found it very interesting that, the post within my blog that was read the most is about da vinci drawing eggs  :O

what r ppl trying to find out on the web? :OOO

25 Feb 2012

travel scrapbook

because i wanted to retrieve the travel map app i had on fb, i was somehow forced to change it to timeline, which i absolutely hated (cuz it's too complicated for me...)! n the worse part is, i can't undo it! argh.....
anyhow, i was thinking of doing a travel scrapbook or photo album to recap the trips I've done over the years (post-digicam era), n since fb becomes so hard to use, perhaps i shd reactivate blogspot n post it here instead...
travel map...not complete, NZ got cut off : (

and here is part 1 of the travel book, in no particular order...
Beijing - 2009

 Amsterdam - 2006

 Brussels - 2006

 Dublin - 2006

Edinburgh - 2006

London - 2006

Paris - 2006

Prague - 2006

Spain - 2006

Angkor Wat - 2009

Ho Chi Minh City - 2009

more to come :)

24 Feb 2012


sometimes u wish u r less capable, or being seen as less capable...

3 Feb 2012

supporting local stuff

never a huge bandsound fan, but i thought as a local independent HK band, they're pretty good. support!!

Check out their songs (for free, too!): http://www.myspace.com/thetrainhk