6 May 2010

i know

burping is just normal human biological stuff to do n it shd be included as a basic human right, etc etc etc.... but actually, would u mind keeping it relatively quiet / unnoticeable.... becuz this sort of gives me a vy vy vy weird n grossed out feeling when i hear it...in office....from a colleague that i’m not close to....... >.<
same goes with cutting ur nails! do it at home pls!! >.< sorry for being so demanding!!


Fei An said...

That is so irritating... 记得我上学的时候当导游,是国内来的旅行团。他们不仅大声说话,而且在开车的时候剪指甲,那个丹麦司机听那声音都快疯掉了:( 我现在每天和大自然为伴,都快不会适应人群了。人很可爱但是也很令人讨厌,没办法。

CA_grafico said...

You are too funny! but I totally agree with you specially on the clipping their nails at the office it's disgusting! and some one might loose an eye from a flying nail.

you should try sending them an email using this :)

Karumen said...

fei an: i agree...sometimes i feel the population of weird-acting people are growing too fast!! overwhelming the normal ones (in my standard....or maybe in other ppl's eyes i'm the weird ones, hehe..)

christopher: Ouch my eye! >.< hahaha.... thanks for sharing this link to me, lemme forward it out! hehehe

Mr. Spoqui said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on our blog, Karumen! You have also great ideas here! Saludos!

alliot said...

Hahaha! You lift my spirit!

Fei An said...

Hi, Carmen, come to tell you the bag is on the way now:) Have a great weekend!