8 Jun 2007

today is ms vj's last day at work for the world's l_c_l *company*... aiiiiiyaaa i'll miss our gd old snake king times at L12 n L28 n BL1 la..... :(
but given u'll be just...erm...2 bldgs away, i bet snake king can still take place at nearby coffee chains such as the starbu_ks or sth like that geh :) as long as u'r free to 'ying chao' me n as long as i hv the time to snake king. wahahha

on a side note~ i've done packing la! flying back to van tmr, yay! to celeb pinetree's....10 yr anniversary! wah..same as hk (sorry for such a mo liu remark)
anyway, here's to the band geek me! (band in a different sense actually, but oh well, just to draw the easier-to-draw stuff, hehehe)


Vivian J. said...

The 4-leaf clover would take pride of place at my new desk at work if not for the blatant request for "intro to cute clients" written right next to it!!!

I think it'll severely damage my professional image, hence adversely affect our chances of landing one of those "cute clients"...

Better keep it under closer wraps at home sin! :P

ave said...

omg...that band pic is super cool...did you really draw that on MS paint? i especially like the monkey & the panda & the bunny...but what's the green "thing"?

Karumen said...

to vivian j. - wuwu u so mean... keep it under closer wraps at home!! >< anyhoo, best of luck in ur next challenge ne =v=

to ave - yep, that was indeed done on paint la, with my wired little mouse, horhor.... the green "thing" is supposed to be a frog, btw =p