11 Jun 2010

this week

has been draining, mentally. don't really recall what i did that's so different from all weeks before, but was exceptionally exhausted, and frustrated.

now lemme distract myself with some random old pix, took 3 years ago during my training in london.... (but has nothing to do with london!)

the beginning of my miniature small world collection...by the end of this trip, the number of bldgs doubled!

a random dinosaur from some team work activities...
randomly munching the eiffel tower (no offense, it just happens to be the lightest out of my collection and won't be drop & easily breaks)


Lady Ren said...

These shots are fun- I think the dinosaur picked a good snack.

alliot / iza said...

Flashing back is nice ... lovely incidences may help releasing yourself.
Lovely shots!

Fei An said...

喜欢你的童心, and like the dinosaur, it is so great to collect something...enjoy it and keep on!:)

MK said...

Oh. Those little buildings are cute!btw. I will be in HK in August :o

Karumen said...

thanks all! :) sometimes taking a short break is all that we need to revitalize ourselves i suppose! hehe

MK: welcome to HK! have you been to hk before? hehe august will be quite humid, hopefully not too many typhoons during ur stay! (But i do enjoy days off as a result of typhoons....)