25 Apr 2010

my first baby :*D


Gum said...

congratulates!!!! haha. it's cute!!!!
omg, recent really sooooo busy!!!
let me give u this delay gei gung hey la~~~

Karumen said...

thanks!!!! me 2 me2....so busy...yau hei mo dang tau ar... =_=

CA_grafico said...

Congratulations Karumen! it looks really good, I love the illustrations that's what made me follow your blog they are cute and funny :) I would buy a copy of the book but I think that not knowing what it says would drive me crazy! maybe the english or spanish version ;)
Good luck I hope sell ton's!

Karumen said...

thanks for your comment Christopher :D u know wut i had been debating if i shd do an english version too lol! n if i ever make a 2nd book, which i wish to but hv no idea what it'll be about hehe, i think i'll make it in english, to reach a bigger audience ^^