13 Apr 2010

~spring song~

a typical spring shd hv birds singing (or sometimes napping) n flowers blossoming!

but my current one is high at 29 degrees sweating hot today and high at 19 degrees freezing myself in the office tomorrow... ~_~ *dislike*

thus, this post trying to make it all joyful :)


CA_grafico said...

The pigeons look like they are done with winter and ready for some warm weather!
Where is this?

Lou Murphy said...

Lovely photos, the flower blossom is gorgeous, we have some out in the UK now too. Liking the pigeons too!

alliot said...

Beautiful illustration!! It's minimal.

Karumen said...

Christopher & Lou: the pigeons are from london! :) loving their laziness and laid-back lifestyle hehehe

Alliot: thanks! i tried to cut out (on screen) bird figures with different patterns..this is a first try! glad you like it :)

ourlittlelovenest said...

I love the illustration! Absolutely beautiful photos! The wisteria is amazing, backed up by the wonderful colours of that building. xo

Karumen said...

Dee, thanks for your kind words :) the wisteria one is taken in beijing. some gorgeous old bldgs there!