9 Apr 2010

in luv with

tea related things! had always luved drinking tea - chinese tea, japanese tea, english tea, you name it. perhaps it's a family thing i got from my mom, n now i start getting obsessed with cups too!

cups from whittard (my new favourite store!)
all of them too cute, too heavy, couldn't carry them home...so i just bought this instead:
and then my other favorite cup that i brought home:
n tea leaves that goes with everything:
separate from all these, this is a tea house i bought way back from japan, at some random store for 100yen, which about 3 blocks from that shop i saw it's selling at 700yen :O and finally in london last week, they're selling it at 5pounds :O
and this is not entirely tea-related, but want to share this extremely cute pot that i bought from hungary years ago...it has 6 matching cups too! tooo cute!

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CA_grafico said...

I really like the birds on that tea cup! The tea house is cute too :)