18 Apr 2010


the 4th wrapping paper design is my takoyaki design from way back...hehe..i had a little animation done on powerpoint for making the takoyaki's. will post it here once i figure out how to convert ppt's to flash/animations! :))  (or if u know a way, pls lemme know! cheers!)


Fei An said...

That is so cute!!!
I love the black and white one extremly...:)

Fei An said...

The DIY tote bag, I am amazed. The red part, can I ask what kind of paints you use? Thanks for inspiration.

Karumen said...

thanks for your comments Fei An! the red part i used a fabric marker to colour it.
it's called "fashion fabric marker" by "marvy uchida", you can see a picture of the pens here: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_QN42rmp8Uqk/S5kCnNaD3pI/AAAAAAAABEU/XOc-9SJ6r0s/s1600-h/DSCN4015.JPG
the brand offers a variety of colours, but it's a little bit on the "dry" side. and i would recommend you use a much cheaper japanese "name-writing-pen"(for mom's to write the kids' names on their shirts/shoes) for the black colour. the one i used is from muji, it is much easier to draw smoother lines! have fun!