5 Aug 2007

9 yan gor

saw these cutie notebooks for $1.3 n decided to get a set of 3 (one for Chi, one for Eng, and one for Math). wanted to get a shocking pink colour for eng ga...but dun seem to locate it... (cuz i just think that Pink is for Eng, Blue is for Math, n Yellow is for Chi...)
anyway, letz sing the 9 yan gor sin... 1 1 yu 1, 1 2 yu 2, ....

*******on a side note ********
i thought i've lost my NDS ga la, but somehow it came out again, haha! =v=

was being shown this game n sooo wanna buy it but then itz already out of stock lu :(
m i just reacting a bit too late ne?? @_@

aiya ps.... this new mouse is a bit gwaai gwaai day.. dim gai ne... ~_~"

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Anonymous said...

I love your Taiku!!!!!!!!!!! Selina