31 Aug 2007

Who Stole my Astronaut??

long story short, had this party lastnite at LKF and we hv this paper Astronaut stand outside of the venue for photo-taking purposes.. when the nite's over, i was just standing by my little astro guy (1) n see this guy who just wanders ard it.....all of a sudden, he grabbed my astro guy and started running (2) !!!!!!!! @o@!!!!
that is (almost) the weirdest thing i've ever encounter in my life! (so far!)
then er...i chased after him..in my 2.5 inch heels... hahahha n so he stopped n we had a 'chat' (3)... vy civilized (tho me thinks he's 1/2 drunk), both of us. then i got back my astro guy... hahaha...
a close-up shot of what happened in (2).... n yup, there were many ppl on the street at that time..cuz it was just ard 11pm............ =v=
n so i told my frds la, but some of them said itz not that the funny part isn't the guy who took the astronaut but me chasing after wor...gum yau hai geh...chasing someone down the street at LKF, jone yiu yell "excuse me mister! excuse me! where (the hxll) are u taking my astronuat to???"
haha anyway, i'm just too responsible. can't help it. =p


ave said...


well done! another mission complete :D

you sure run fast...maybe you can consider to be a cop...running in those high heels hahaha :P

Karumen said...

hahaha perhaps i shd apply as a 'fu ging' wahahaha