16 Sep 2007

Yay! ^^v

The first ever film critic for me, coming from an anonymous source....(yah, the source doesn't want to disclose his/herself :p) can i term this person as....a fan of mine? wahahhaha....) Many thx mr/ms anonymous !!!!!! i'll add oil!!!! :D!!


News flash

14 Sep 2007

Hong Kong

Critics are raving about the latest star to explode onto the art scene - Carmen Lee - when her latest work, entitled Takoyaki (a Japanese grilled octopus delicacy), took the audience by storm at Galerie d'HXXC during its recent display.

Already some long-time art industry insiders are dubbing Carmen as "one of the greatest post-modern art spokespersons", following such esteemed footsteps as Warhol and Klein. "Her work is simply delicious," quoted one source who wished to remain anonymous. "Hints of takoyaki aroma virtually wafted past me when I first opened her powerpoint. Amazing."

Carmen's work is not only appealing to the artsy type. People with no previous art exposure were also touched by her culture-transcending pieces. A visitor who admitted he had no interest in art remarked, "when the fifth and sixth takoyaki flipped - simultaneously as if by magic - I had a tear in my eye. It was so...beautiful. This is changing my perception of what art can do."

Carmen's work is now on show at Galerie d'HXXC as a permanent exhibit. Her other show, Haircut, is on display at the same gallery from now until the end of the year.


for those who hvn't got a chance to see the 2 "movies" yet, i'm looking for a way to somehow post the currently-ppt-format,soon-flash/video-format video :)

keep chking!! hahaha!!!


ave said...

wawawa...you're famous now...
it's about time... to set up a fan club la~~~!!! :P

Daryl said...

Famous indeed, Karumen.

Karumen said...

me thinks film critic mr/ms anonymous shd actually be a professional film critic lor! hahaha! :D:D