28 Mar 2010

imaginary wrapping paper 2

my second design... luv potions...
rescue ppl with ur luv...or being rescued by someone's :D

for illustration friday


Lady Ren said...

Nice-very witty and playful.
I am still am very fond of your banana peels- they can work for a larger audience and can be used for many types of occasions.
The idea you have for number two is good but as a married woman I would go for the peels-
How many are you submitting?
You are very talented. Have a nice day, Ren

Karumen said...

Ren, thanks for the great feedback! :D
the frinton press doesn't limit the # of submissions (or that's how i read it..)
n the love theme, is actually quite un-me, hehe, a new trail but i'm with u that i luv my banana peels more! will devote my next post to exploring ideas with the peels. cheers!

Lady Ren said...

if they don't limit the number of entries then I would send them all!I can't wait to see what else you create!