5 Jan 2010

sausage fingers

really wish i had a pair of more-talented hands and 10 more-sophisticated fingers and more importantly, a more-creative brain after seeing all these super duper nice DIY crafts/bags/tees/banners/things via this designer blog: bloesem.blogs.com and www.mikodesign.nl

really really nice designs! go chk them out! :D
after seeing their designs tho, other than feeling happy like i've gone thru window shopping n hv redecorated my room, felt a bit lost yet motivated to do sth (not sure wut but just sth!) abt my own blog n drawings! hehe!


Parlor said...

You can actually redesign your blog into that style leh, kakaka

Karumen said...

how to ne? :( edit the html ma??? but i totally forgot how to do html la!! >.<

Parlor said...

Search "how to edit my photo as background", and you'll find lots of html code, i rmb u only have to learn how to change those height n width and the link to your pic. you have to upload your pic to some sort of a web photo album first.

I learnt it in xanga code.

Karumen said...

cool! lemme do that sin! :)) thx for the tips ;)