20 Jun 2008

my mo liu uni life

digged out some mo liu artwork i did during my time in uni....some r quite 'charm bud yan doe' (not that they'r really charming...) but yah this piece is slightly more presentable... =v=

a comic i posted on the chinese student newspaper in sep 04...

it's suppose to be some series featuring this guy n a girl frd of his...carried for like 7 or 8 issues? then ngor jao grad jor lu, hahaha...

n during my mo liu uni life, i rmb i tried to reproduce mo gaan doe n dong wah donation show videos with ave n some other frds with my bro's hea bao Dsnap, featuring bday bears sponsored by gumgum, wahahah.. dim gai ngor wui gum mo liu ga... =v=

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