4 Apr 2008


as per LC's request, now recapping LNote conversation here...

moi: wuwu ho gum dong ar sf!!!!!! ho la, then the 3 of us can dance samba on the 15th :D wahahahha
SF: ms lee to show your gum dong-ness, please be reminded to wear that sambacustom on the day!!!
LC: well...i can bring coconut...and drink it...then make the coconut bra...
moi: that's hawaiian isn't it? :P hahaha
SF: ooo do u want jewellery to cover your nxpxle then? I probably can get usome "chu yee sing" heeeeeeee
moi: =o= o jor mouth
LC: well, it's an hawaii thing...but u kow...we are not that gd ' shunchoi"...so we needa "sell fake dog", lol...

aiya, still forgot to draw the fa lum tim...suen la.. hahaha

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