24 Feb 2008

old pix...

(ai...stupid shift + up key...deleted my previous entry... hv to retype...feel a bit stupid to retype everything now... ==)

ho la, gum i long story short la...b4 i moved back to hk, i backed up lots of pix/files n brought the discs back with me. but not until 2 years later, a wk or so ago, when my laptop suddenly started to restart on itself i needed to backup my current files, n as i was looking for discs, i found those old discs again!

aside fr those incredible pix that i took (wahaha), i've only saved 2 pix i drew... the others must hv been too ugly la :P that said, one of those is really quite maa maa dei, hahaha... so i'd rather just post this pic here :) hehe

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